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HONOLULU: Open with the drums and the surf guitar. The shot of the surfer, under the crest of a huge Hawaiian wave. Then zoom, to the roof of that skyscraper.

Turning to meet you is Jack Lord, who died Wednesday of heart failure at age 77. As Steve McGarrett, head of "Hawaii Five-O", Lord was the star of the longest-running crime series in TV history, a show that was seen in 80 countries with an audience estimated at more than 300 million -- and which put Hawaii on the map as a mainstream tourist destination.

Lord, born John Joseph Patrick Ryan in New York City, was an Actors Studio graduate and appeared in several movies -- (including 1962's "Dr. No", as Bond buddy Felix Leiter) -- and starred as TV's "Stoney Burke" in the early 1960s. But it was Hawaii and "Book 'em, Danno" that brought Lord his fame and fulfillment. He produced and sometimes directed the show during its 12-year run, and he and his wife Marie stayed on in Hawaii after the show was canceled in 1980, passing the tropical torch to "Magnum, P.I." For years afterward, Jack Lord's Cadillac still bore the vanity plate "Five-O."