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Clinton Takes Cover
Our story thus far: Clinton and the White House spent the day hunkering down against Ken Starr's subpoenas. Meanwhile, advisor Vernon Jordan denied all in a brief presser.
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  • Who Is Lewinsky?
  • A Bad Tripp?
  • Here Comes Mr. Jordan

    Kaczynski Pleads Guilty
    Moments before his trial was about to finally begin, the Unabomber suspect pleads guilty — in exchange for his life.

    Microsoft Takes it on the Chin
    In the other ongoing courtroom drama, Microsoft has backed down — the software firm will unbundle Internet Explorer after all. But Bill Gates is still fighting.
    TIME Online's special: Target: Microsoft

    Pope’s Cuban Recognition Problem
    John Paul II gives his first mass in Cuba, facing an unusual problem: Many Cubans know that the pontiff is important, they’re just not sure why.

    Meanwhile, Back in the Middle East . . .
    Remember, there's other things the president's supposed to be doing, including 'jump-starting the stalled Middle East peace process.' Today, Yasser Arafat provided a welcome distraction.

    Book Him
    Jack Lord Dies at 77.

    Mary Bono to Run For Late Husband's Seat

    Business Bytes
    AT&T announces plans to slash its workforce; on Wall Street, though, all eyes were on the Prez. Dow down 63. The wrap-up in FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "I'm just doing the best I can for my country." — Clinton to Jim Lehrer during their interview Wednesday.