White House Blushes Red

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WASHINGTON: "White House staffers are despondent and dismayed," says TIME correspondent Jay Branegan. "A lot of people seem to think Clinton did have this affair, and they're upset that he allowed the Administration to be put in this position." One gust of scandal has overwhelmed the State of the Union address, the Middle East, Iraq you name it. Not helping much were Clinton's denials to PBS' Jim Lehrer, which were all make of this what you will couched in the present tense. Asked by Lehrer whether there was a sexual relationship with Lewinsky, Clinton said: "There is no sexual relationship."

The strain showed most publicly on the face of White House Spokesman Mike McCurry, whose scowl before reporters today broke only when he talked about leaving the podium. But Branegan says that for the Administration, the spin is simple: Just keep going. "The idea, for everyone from Clinton on down, is to hunker down and redouble their efforts." And hope that this scandal, like all the others, never quite comes home to roost.