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Affair of

President Clinton strongly denies it, but the allegation won't go away. Did he have an affair with a 24-year-old intern — then ask her to lie about it?
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  • Starr's Tripp Wire: How did Kenneth Starr move from Whitewater to White House interns? Two words: Linda Tripp.

  • The White House Blushes: What's the mood like in the Clinton camp today? Our inside report.

    Havana Says Bienvenido, Padre
    The Pope kisses Cuban soil — and our correspondent was on the scene.
    Read about how this historic visit came to pass in TIME's cover story.

    Butler to push Baghdad's buttons
    The U.N.'s chief weapons inspector heads for a showdown with Iraq. Will force be used?

    Kaczynski Competent
    The Unabomber suspect is competent to stand trial — and mentally ill, says a court-appointed psychiatrist. That gives prosecutors impetus to agree on a plea bargain.

  • TIME/CNN Report on the trial.

    AOL's Sorry Now (Netly News) —America Online says it was wrong to give the Navy personal details of an allegedly gay sailor who it then dismissed. A bit late now, isn't it?

    It's Arafat's Turn
    The President's meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu produced no substantive results; now Clinton gets to do it again with Arafat. Expect the ritual to be repeated some time soon.

    Knocking Off Quentin
    (FBR) -- At the Sundance Festival this year, the big questions: What's showing, good and not acquired yet?

    Business Bytes
    A dismal earnings report from Big Blue took the Dow into a 130 point drop by late afternoon. A late rally meant the market closed off 79 points. Check it out in the FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "The President adamantly denies any relationship with this woman and she has denied it as well. I smell a rat."
    — Clinton attorney Robert Bennett, on allegations the President had an affair with a White House intern.