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Darn Speedy Link
Intel, Microsoft and Compaq say they're developing a way to deliver ultra-fast Internet access over ordinary telephone lines. You could be surfing at 1.5 million bits per second in the not-too-distant future.
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The Clone Star State
Oh, give me a clone where the buffalo roam: Texas turns out its first cloned calves, George and Charlie. Meanwhile, the FDA puts the screws on Richard Seed.

Will Microsoft Make the Grade?
Microsoft and the Justice Department have handed in summaries of their cases to the judge, and now both wait to see whose paper will get the A.

Kaczynski Found Competent
The Unabom trial is back on track after a psychiatrist clears Kaczynski for trial. Still to be determined: Whether he or his lawyers will do the talking in court.

  • TIME/CNN Report on the trial.

    A Threat From Fidel More Imagined Than Real?
    As Il Papa prepares to play 'Our Pontiff in Havana', the Pentagon reluctantly reports that Castro has chemical and biological weapons capability.

  • The Pope and El Jefe meet in Cuba. The story on what brought them together in our TIME Cover: Clash of Faiths

    Oprah in a Range War
    Speaking of ammo, jury selection begins today as Texas cattlemen lock and load in their case against Oprah. As bad ideas go, suing a popular talk show host over an obscure law against defaming beef ranks right up there with saying "Icebergs? I don't see any icebergs. Full steam ahead."

    Why the GOP Hates the IMF
    And why you should at least strongly tolerate it.

    Gone, Gone, Gone
    Carl Perkins, the man who gave us "Go Cat, Go", is dead at 65.

    Sundance, Slamdance, Slamdunk
    (FBR) -- A documentary about Kurt Cobain got pulled from Sundance over questions about music rights. But an alternative film festival, called Slamdunk, put itself on the movie map by showing the flick anyway at a wild late-night screening.

    Business Bytes
    Looking for still yet another way to invest in the Dow? The American Stock Exchange is launching today an instrument that mirrors the performance of the bell-weather index of 30 blue chips. Details in Money Daily.

  • Get the numbers by index or stock-by-stock

    Daily Spin
    "We're more interested in the 277 failures than in the success." -- Acting FDA commissioner Dr. Michael Friedman, on the number of tries it took to clone a sheep. Friedman was explaining one reason the agency intends to block attempts to clone humans.