Spinning Paula

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Now that Bill Clinton has spent six hours in Bob Bennett's office in a high-stakes game of didn't-kiss-so-what's-to-tell, it's all over bar the spin control. And this being Washington, there's plenty of that. Sunday, lawyers from the Jones camp hit the talk show circuit, putting out the message that all systems were go for a trial, set to begin May 27 in Little Rock. The President and Mrs. Clinton made the front page of today's Washington Post with a shot of them coming out of church holding hands yesterday. Meanwhile, Jones and her husband spent Saturday night eating high on the food chain, and she told TIME "I feel great."

Since a trial could hinge on Clinton's past sexual history, the President was reportedly asked Saturday about his relations with four other women. Because of a gag order from Judge Susan Webber Wright, neither side will comment directly on the case, but both have done everything possible to say, without saying, this message: Saturday was a good day for our side, and we can't wait for the trial where we will be proved right.

The potential $2 million zeppelin of a trial balloon floated last month by the Jones camp is still hanging around. Putting out the President's message while simultaneously claiming that he was speaking against the advice of Clinton's lawyer, James Carville hinted on "Meet the Press" that Clinton might be settle if Jones would agree to "never utter another public word or make another public appearance."

The good news for the Clintons: In a case where spin is the most important cycle, the President currently has highest RPM. A new TIME/CNN poll shows that more Americans now believe the President than believe Paula Jones.