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Spin the Deposition
After one of the more embarrassing days in presidential history, Bill Clinton and Paula Jones are deep into a high-stakes game of spin the deposition.

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A Threat From Fidel More Imagined Than Real?
As Il Papa prepares to play 'Our Pontiff in Havana', the Pentagon reluctantly readies to issue a report showing that Castro sits 90 miles from Florida with chemical and biological weapons capability. The military doesn't believe it's much of a treat, but the news will give strong ammo to hardliners on Cuba.

U.S. Students Attacked in Guatemala
(Reuters) A school trip to Central America turned horribly wrong for sixteen American college students.

Can You Write a Check, Please, in English?
Turns out the man who oversaw the John Huang account for the DNC came out of a law firm with foreign-fund raising problems of its own.

EU Enters Algeria's Killing Fields
Deciding it can no longer ignore the carnage on the Mediterranean's south shore that is Algeria's vicious civil war, the European Union squares its shoulders and resolutely sends in -- the fact-finders.

Israel: Playing for Time
Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with President Clinton is unlikely to produce much motion in the Middle East.

Titanic Sails Away With Golden Globes
(Reuters) Well, maybe all that money was well-spent after all. The Most Expensive Movie Ever Made took home the hardware for best dramatic film.

A New Stadium Could Be Riding on That Pass
And finally, John Elway's not only playing for Super Bowl redemption and his first ring, but maybe also for a new corral for the Broncos.

Business Bytes
Count your winnings (or losses) and review Friday's action at the FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "I feel so proud ... to know this judicial system works, to know that a little girl from Arkansas is equal under the law to the president of the United States." -- Paula Jones, by way of handler Susan Carpenter McMillan, following Clinton's deposition.