TIME's Weekend Review

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The heroes have arrived (and not a moment too soon, judging by the state of our apathetic generation). Was there any sight more heartening this week than that of John Glenn, as much full of zip now as forty years ago, beaming like a schoolboy at the thought of another blast-off? Let's hope NASA remembers to pack the Geritol. Then there was Scott Ritter, supercounterspy an unassuming kind of hero, and one who has evidently concealed his true identity for some weeks. The Clark Kent of Baghdad, you might say.

Good thing we have role models, for the week was rife with villains. Men like Ted Kaczinski and Richard Seed, who seems to have stepped out of a Cronenberg movie, not to mention spine-tingling sequels from O.J. and Indonesia's Suharto. And the sheer arrogance shown by Microsoft at its contempt hearing betrayed Bill Gates as software's biggest bully. The devil, indeed.