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Scott Ritter: 'Spyhunter'
Former marine Scott Ritter who leaves Baghdad today after a week of Iraqi harassment is more than just your average weapons inspector, according to our TIME correspondent.

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The Space Aged
That's one small step for a senior 76-year-old John Glenn, set to revisit the Right Stuff this October, says he's ready for another "adventure into the unknown." Is he?

Mars: Dead Again?
Meanwhile, that Martian rock undergoes an extensive probing and now appears much less likely to contain evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Tobacco's Last Puff in Texas
Texas comes to a multi-billion dollar settlement with the tobacco industry in a settlement today. Will the state also limit advertising?

Jones v. Clinton
One day to go before the President's deposition in the Paula Jones case. Who'll win this round? Take our poll.

O.J. the new Jesus?
He's back: Talking to ESPN, O.J. Simpson compares himself to great martyrs of the Bible and explains "that" quote about Nicole.

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    AOL Sailor Still Afloat
    (Reuters) The sailor the Navy wants to discharge because he listed himself as 'gay' in his AOL profile has won a delay of the dismissal after filing a lawsuit.

    'Blazing' Addled
    (EW) Mel Brooks disavows his comedy classic "Blazing Saddles" as edited for Pat Robertson's Family Channel. But a couple of racy jokes slipped by the censors.

    The Right Potato
    Put down those reading glasses! TIME Daily's video guide brings you three fact-based flicks that all have the right stuff.

    Business Bytes
    No Friday blues this week as Wall Street took the handoff from buoyant Asian markets and ran all day at least until a quarter to four, when it shed 40 in an eye-blink to ring out 60 to the happy side. Sweep up the slips with the FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "Legalize abortion fast. I don't want to wait." A lingerie-clad woman facing two assailants, in a two-page advertisement run in Brazilian magazines. The ad has been banned; the lingerie company that created it faces fines for "abusive advertising."