Iraqi Human Experiments Alleged

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BAGHDAD: A slew of horrific evidence — including "inconclusive" photos of alleged human experiments and videotapes of beagles dying painfully in Iraqi chemical weapons tests are emerging at the center of the current weapons inspection standoff in Baghdad. U.N. officials say former Marine Scott Ritter was in search of more evidence when Iraq withdrew their escorts from his weapons inspection team. Thursday was the third day in a row that Ritter's operations were restricted.

The evidence itself is not new, says TIME correspondent William Dowell. “We’ve known for some time that the U.N. has found such evidence; what’s new is that this is now being made public.” The reason, he says, is that Saddam Hussein continues to restrict the operations of U.N. weapons inspectors, and the belief that force — or the threat of force — will be necessary to force Baghdad to allow inspectors access to sites it has declared off-limits. “The ground is being prepared for a showdown,” says Dowell.