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That's one small step for a senior: NASA is set to put 76-year-old John Glenn in orbit once more.

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Mars: Dead Again?
Meanwhile, that Martian rock is given an extensive probing and is now much less likely to contain evidence of life.

Clinton Blows Smoke
The President is pushing Congress to deliver the tobacco settlement. But he wins biggest if it doesn't pass.

Iraqi Human Experiments Alleged
U.N. arms inspectors are kept out for a third consecutive day. Is Saddam hiding evidence that Iraq tested chemical weapons on humans?

Judge Slams Microsoft
Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson is not amused. He severely scolded Microsoft for its attempt to portray special master Lawrence Lessig as biased and have him thrown off the case.

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    Another Stain for Clinton
    Alexis Herman become the latest Clinton cabinet member to run the risk of an independent counsel. How long will this one run?

    Jones v. Clinton
    Two days till the President's deposition in the Paula Jones case. Who'll win this round? Take our poll.

    'Boysrch' And Destroy
    (Netly News) The inside story on the Navy officer who breached "don't ask, don't tell" guidelines with his AOL profile.

    Suharto: I Promise, Again
    (Money Daily) Indonesia's President Suharto signs and seals a new deal with the IMF. Will he deliver?

    Business Bytes
    Asian markets didn't believe Suharto; why should Wall Street? The Dow slipped steadily all day to wind up almost 100 in the red. Read all about it in the FORTUNE Business Report.

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    Daily Spin
    "To ensure increased and longer-term growth for Camel Filter, the brand must increase its share penetration among the 14-24 age group, which have a new set of more liberal values and represent tomorrow's cigarette business."
    R.J. Reynolds Tobacco internal document from 1975, released Wednesday