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Microsoft in Legal Limbo
The judge in the Microsoft contempt hearing recessed until Monday, after a day of sparring between the company and the Justice Department.
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    The Iraq Pre-Crisis
    Iraq continues to keep weapons inspectors from their appointed rounds, but the situation isn't likely to heat up until the end of this month.

    Bill and Paula's Downtown Date
    Clinton moves a White House date with Paula Jones to law offices downtown and admits their next meeting may be in court.

    Korea's Reverse Alchemy
    Is South Korea, on the brink of recovery, about to make a major misstep? Playing the international gold game.

    Surfer Sailor Wipes Out
    The Navy discharges a sailor who listed himself as gay in his America Online profile.

    Life Stretch in a Cell
    Researchers say they have found a way to extend the life of some human cells.

    Yeltsin's Fuzziest Home Videos
    The Russian goverment swears Yeltsin's healthy as a, well, Russian bear, and they're releasing the video to prove it. But the suspiciously fuzzy shots fuel suspicion that all is not well.

    Tasteless Spices
    The Spice Girls top Blackwell's list of worst dressed this year.

    NBC Wins 'ER' But Loses the NFL
    The Peacock wouldn't pay the NFL piper for Monday Night Football, but did manage to pony up $13 mil to keep 'ER' operating happily for three more years. Is the number one network ripe for a fall?