Plea Bargain for Kaczynski?

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SACRAMENTO: For a man who has shown extraordinary resentment towards any slightest suggestion that he may be a "sickie," Ted Kaczynski was surprisingly cooperative when federal psychiatrist Sally Johnson spent hours probing his psyche at the county jail Monday. Indeed, if the Unabomber suspect can just bear out four more days of such examination, he may yet hold onto his life.

By all accounts, the Justice Department is eager to talk turkey on a plea bargain once Kaczynski is judged competent. The reasons not to go to trial are legion: the spectacle of Kaczynski defending himself and cross-examining bomb victims; the fear that Judge Garland Burrell has promised things he shouldn't have, risking a mistrial; the popular sentiment towards David Kaczynski, who doesn't want brother Ted's blood on his hands. He may not have to worry. Pretty soon, the Feds should be bringing this whole tawdry trial to a conclusion.