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At the Gates

The battle over the future of your desktop began in earnest today, as Microsoft mounted an abrasive attack on claims that they're in contempt of court.
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  • The Hearing Blow-by-Blow
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  • Netly News: Microsoft's New Humility

    Feds Want to Deal With Kaczynski
    The Unabom trial is on hiatus while Kaczynski meets with a psychiatrist. Behind the scenes, the DOJ is ready to accept a plea bargain and salvage their rapidly unraveling case.

    Bowles Stays Put
    After a yearlong search to replace him, the White House Chief of staff is -- Erskine Bowles. The news keeps restless Clinton staffers in place, but just as soon as the President starts to quack like a lame duck those resumes will be flying out the door.

    Mexico Faces Chaos
    Fallout from the killing of 45 in Chiapas continues as 80,000 take to the streets of Mexico City to protest. "Things could go crazy here this week," says TIME's Latin America bureau chief.

    New Diana Crash Theory
    More suspicion hangs over the investigation into Princess Diana's fatal smash. The car was going much slower than we thought, says one investigator.

    Iraq Blocks U.N. Inspectors
    Former Marine Captain Scott Ritter finds himself accused as a spy by Iraq. By targeting this Gulf War vet, Saddam may just have given the U.S. its first hero in the showdown.

    CBS Welcomes Football Home
    (FBR) CBS is back in the game of broadcasting the NFL with a $4 billion deal that steals the AFC from the Peacock network and brings in the crucial 18- to 49-year-old male viewer. Although the move will almost certainly lose money, in the strange new economics of network TV, it almost makes sense.

    Business Bytes What earnings worries? Intel beat the odds--and Street expectations--with a very rosy report, post-bell. It's up in after-hours trading. And the Dow cruised along all day Tuesday to end 84 points to the good. All that and more in the FORTUNE Business report.

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    Daily Spin
    "We are not troubled about a trial. Would we rather avoid it? Of course. I mean, I have a Ph.D. in the obvious by saying that."
    Clinton attorney Robert Bennett, on the Paula Jones case.