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Saddam Puts the Blocks Back On
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Baghdad, another crisis is brewing — this time over American arms inspector Scott Ritter. How will the U.N. respond?
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Sowing the Seed
Politicians got some mileage over the weekend out of attacking Dr. Richard Seed for championing human cloning. Is he really all that evil?

Kaczynski Plea: Strike Two
Prosecutors have reportedly turned down another plea bargain by Ted Kaczynski, but the Unabomber trial remains a trap both sides might like to escape.

Judgment Nears for Microsoft
Bill Gates prepares to go another round with the Justice Department.

Paula Plays for Keeps
Paula Jones is now asking the President for $2 million and a "sort-of" apology. It's a good time to raise the stakes in her high-profile case.

Apathy and Stuff
A survey finds apathy among college freshmen is at a record high. Do student slackers lack '60s-style issues to rally around?

Suharto's Fantasy Island
TIME magazine reports that President Clinton, in a personal phone call to Indonsia’s President Suharto, demanded that the aging strongman implement IMF reforms. Economic chaos in the Asian nation could lead to a military coup.

New Old Evidence in Ramsey Case
A new commander told police investigating the murder of JonBenet Ramsey to take another look at collected evidence, TIME reports. And — surprise! — they uncovered vital items that had been previously dismissed.

Will Fox Catch the Peacock?
(FBR) -- With the loss of "Seinfeld" and possible defection of "ER," NBC's Thursday night flagship is looking decidedly leaky. The FORTUNE Business Report says today that the hot tip to replace NBC as the No. 1 network is Rupert Murdoch's Fox.

Asia In Severe Tailspin
Markets across Asia continued to hemorrhage money Monday. But on Wall Street, the effects were temporary; a 137-point Dow tumble at the morning bell turned to a moderate gain by afternoon closing. Keep up with the numbers.

It'll Be Elway Against Favre
(CNNSI) -- Pro football's postseason tournament is down to two after Green Bay dominated the Niners in a 23-10 win in the Candlestick — er, 3Com — mud. The Broncos outlasted the Steelers, 24-21.

Daily Spin
"Are you priests? Confessors? Those are my intimate affairs, and I don't accept that you have me make that kind of public confession."
— Fidel Castro, on the eve of the Pope's visit, after reporters asked him whether he believes in God.