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The Testing of Kaczynski
Despite his reported suicide attempt, accused Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski should have little trouble passing a competency exam.
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    Clinton Calms Indonesia
    A 20-minute phone call by President Clinton to President Suharto appears to have calmed the panic that yesterday sent Indonesia’s currency and stock market tumbling. Elsewhere in Asia, however, the picture looked grim.

    Rest Easy, Chicken Little
    You can finally stop worrying about the universe collapsing — experts have refuted the "big crunch" theory.

    Exodus On Wall Street
    If you thought today's 220-point Dow drop was nasty, just wait until Monday when the corporate earnings season begins. Dare we say Bear?

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    Mad Dogs and Englishwomen
    Mo Mowlam keeps Northern Ireland peace talks on track with an unprecedented visit to the Maze prison.

    Twelve Angry Potatoes
    Our Couch Potato guide, featuring courtroom thrillers to match this week's courtroom fireworks.

    In God We Antitrust
    What if Microsoft is right, and jealous competitors have got the feds to unfairly gang up on the boys from Redmond?

    Bye-Bye, Barry
    (CNNSI) -- After presiding over the four-year slide into mediocrity of America's team, gun-toting Barry Switzer is resigning as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Meanwhile, Heisman winner Charles Woodson is leaving school for the greener gridirons of the NFL.

    Splitsville for Rosanne
    (PEOPLE Daily) -- And we really thought this one would last: After less than three years together, Rosanne has filed for divorce from husband No. 3, Ben Thomas.

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    The Daily Spin
    "I told Jerry he ought to fire the whole damn bunch of us." -- A brutally honest Switzer while still coach of the Cowboys.