Kaczynski Reportedly Tried Suicide

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Theodore Kaczynski has been placed under a 24-hour suicide watch after trying to hang himself with his underwear Wednesday night. Police said they discovered the attempt only after spotting him in court with red marks on his neck.

The news capped an unusual day in which Kaczynski told Judge Garland Burrell he wants to act as his own lawyer. To prove his mental competence, Kaczynski said he's now willing to undergo psychological testing. In the meantime, Burrell again put off opening arguments in the murder case, which is adjourned until Friday at the earliest.

Whoever winds up at the defense table will find potent ammunition for an appeal: Kaczynski won't submit to the insanity defense; his lawyers won't use any other; and so far, he's been barred from hiring new counsel.