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Cops: Kaczynski Attempted Suicide
Accused Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski attempted suicide Wednesday night, according to the Sacramento sheriff's department. Thursday, as part of an effort to serve as his own counsel, he agreed to submit to psychological testing.
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    Yousef Sentenced to Life -- And Then Some
    A Federal judge sentenced Ramzi Yousef to 240 years of solitude, recommending that he spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement for his role in the World Trade Center bombing. Going down swinging, an unrepentant Yousef told the court "Yes, I am a terrorist and am proud of it." (Reuters)

    U.S. Weighs Iran Overture
    Moderate Iranian President Mohammad Khatami in a Wednesday CNN interview offered to make peace with the U.S. But does he have the power to deliver?

    A Tale of Two Spins
    Hard on the heels of his call for Americans to sacrifice in order to balance next year's budget, President Clinton yesterday announced the biggest government child-care program in the nation’s history. Can he have it both ways?

    Sell-Off in Indonesia
    Questions about an IMF bailout prompt panic in the streets of Jakarta. But the Clinton Administration says the plan is sound.

    Sonny: The Musical
    PEOPLE Daily reports that at the time of his death, Congressman Sonny Bono had been working on a “Sonny and Cher” musical about the Vietnam era.

    Families, Museum Struggle Over Schiele
    In a move that rocks the art world, a Manhattan DA blocks return of two paintings that are suspected Nazi loot.

    Market Decline, Part III
    We've been here before, and it ain't pretty: The market got hammered Thursday by the same worries that dragged stocks down on Tuesday and Wednesday--tech profit warnings, more trouble in Asia, a weak financial sector, and worries about earnings season. This story and market news in the FORTUNE Business Report.

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    The Daily Spin
    "Girls of 12,13 are falling pregnant. If girls commit suicide because of the virginity tests, they would have committed suicide anyway. It is not that important." -- Isilay Saygin, Turkey's cabinet minister in charge of women and family affairs, defending "virginity tests" after five teenage girls swallowed rat poison rather than submit to them.