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Sonny Bono Dies on the Slopes
Fellow congressmen paid tribute today to Rep. Sonny Bono (R-Calif.) who died in a skiing accident yesterday. They said the former pop star had been a rising political star in the House GOP.
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Microsoft Smells a Rat
The software maker's lawyers say Larry Lessig, an advisor on the antitrust case is biased against them. The Justice Department disagrees.

The Ted Kaczynski Show
Theodore Kaczynski's renewed attempts to dismiss his defense team have created a legal quandary for Judge Garland Burrell, Jr. Kaczynski has the constitutional right to the defense of his choice, but he may use it to create chaos.

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    Clinton's Balancing Act
    The President hopes the prospect of a balanced budget -- three years early -- can deflate Republican election-year campaigning for tax cuts. But is America ready to be unselfish?

    Please, Don't Throw Me Into That Photo Op
    Meanwhile, Clinton protests too much that photographers invaded his privacy with an intimate -- and curiously well-done -- unauthorized photo of the First Couple on a Virgin Islands beach.

    Dylan, Sr. and Jr., Each Nominated For Three Grammys
    Meanwhile, the Spice Girls get snubbed.

    Lunar Prospector Tries Again
    With its radar fixed, the moon probe is set to launch again in its search for lunar water.

    FORTUNE Business Report
    The loser of the day is Steve Jobs, though Apple's stock closed up on strong earnings.

    The Daily Spin:
    "There's God on the front cover. There's God on the back cover." -- Boy Scouts of America lawyer George Davidson holding up a copy of the organization's handbook. Davidson is defending the Scouts' right to bar atheists and homosexuals.

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