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Kaczynski Stops His Trial
Theodore Kaczynski brought the Unabomber trial to a halt moments after it began Monday, by requesting to make a statement. All parties immediately retreated to the judge’s chambers.
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    Netanyahu Hobbled by Resignation
    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have cheated defeat on his budget vote, but the resignation of his foreign minister could be the death knell for his government.

    Soros Spreads Cheer in Seoul
    Troubled economies shrink in terror at the very mention of financier George Soros. But reports that he was bargain-hunting in Seoul sent markets rising.

    Once Again Together in Mourning
    Michael Kennedy aimed at the heights reached by the titans of his clan, but his share of fame included tawdry scandal and, in the end, a senseless death. TIME magazine reports.

    Yeltsin Gets U.S. Assist
    A sophisticated high-tech procedure allowed doctors to check in on the heart of President Boris Yeltsin — and give his ticker the thumbs up.

    Air Force Risking Lives of Trainees?
    Last year, the U.S. military lost pilots in aircraft ranging from F-114 fighters to C-130 transport planes. But a TIME magazine investigation finds that the most dangerous plane in the military may well be the Air Force's prop-driven T-3 trainer.

    Netscape Posts Fourth-Quarter Loss
    More bad news for Netscape came with the surprise news that the company would report an 88 cents per share loss.

    NASA’s New Moon Shot
    NASA is heading back to the Moon. This time, they’re looking for ice.

    Spinning the Crown
    What's the use of being a monarch if you can't ignore your subjects? First the Queen agreed to pay taxes; now Britain's Royal Family has called in pollsters to help burnish its image.

    FORTUNE Business Report gives you the skinny on the day’s trading. Monday: The first day of real trading in the new year finds plenty of action on the bond market.

    The Daily Spin:
    Long-suffering morning talk show host Kathie Lee Gifford told viewers today that her late son-in-law Michael Kennedy had passed three lie-detector tests showing that he did not start having sex with his children's babysitter until after she turned 16. "Now, that does not mean that what he did was right," Gifford said. But she says that at least the tests, if accurate, show Kennedy did not do anything illegal, and "his children deserve to know that."

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