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Kennedy Family Prepares for Funeral
After a tragic New Year's Eve accident, the Kennedy clan gathers in Massachusetts to bury Michael Kennedy.
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Michigan Makes the Case for Number One
After a 21-16 Rose Bowl win over Washington State, Michigan waits for a Saturday vote that should give the school its first national football championship in 49 years. Complete college bowl game coverage at CNNSI.

For Whom the Bells Toll
After a dramatic ruling allowing Ma Bell's offspring to compete in the long distance market, they toll for AT&T.

After Massacre, Chiapas Villagers Return Home
The killings of 45 people in southern Mexico could have lasting effects on the country.

Cuban Pitcher to Stay in Bahamas
Defector Orlando Hernandez wants to play baseball in the U.S. But despite an invitation, he won't come to the country just yet. The reason? Preserving his bargaining power

FORTUNE Business Report gives you the skinny on the day’s trading. Friday: Post-New Year's, the markets show scanty volume and little news.

The Online Top 10
What really gets your attention? The TIME Daily stories you clicked on most in 1997.

Target: Microsoft
Bill Gates is firing back at Justice Department lawyers who want to unbundle Windows 95 and Internet Explorer. TIME Online's special report has everything you need to know about the case.

TIME Daily Extra!
Special reports and photo essays.