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Kaczynski Gets His Way
Theodore Kaczynski has forced his lawyers to abandon attempts to show that the Unabomber-accused suffers from a mental defect. How will the defense argue the case?
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Starring Robert Rubin As the Fireman
As Korea's financial crisis threatens to take the whole region down, the most important player in quietly keeping the bailout under control is Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin.

Justice, Microsoft Back At It
Justice gets back on Microsoft’s case, but the stock market doesn’t seem to care.

Belfast Braces for a Bloody New Year
Killings by both Republican and Unionist splinter groups have left Northern Ireland bracing for further bloodshed. The peace process can survive extremist attacks, but can it survive the politics of its participants?

FORTUNE Business Report gives you the skinny on the day’s trading. Tuesday: The Market channels Mr. October in December, with back to back to back strong days.

Target: Microsoft
Bill Gates is firing back at Justice Department lawyers who want to unbundle Windows 95 and Internet Explorer. TIME Online's special report has everything you need to know about the case.

The Online Top 10
What really gets your attention? The TIME Daily stories you clicked on most in 1997.

TIME Daily Extra!
Special reports and photo essays.