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Hong Kong Purged of Chickens
Authorities in Hong Kong today began the slaughter of the territory’s entire 1.2 million chicken population, in a bid to head off a killer flu virus at its source. Will it be enough to stop the disease?
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Bring on the Victims
Prosecutors will use the wrenching testimony of Oklahoma City blast victims to push for the death penalty for Terry Nichols.

Kaczynski's Reported Deal Bid Fails
The Justice Department has reportedly turned down an offer from Unabomber-accused Theodore Kaczynski to plead guilty in exchange for life imprisonment. Did they make a mistake?

Air Passenger Killed in Turbulence
One person died and 102 were injured when a United Airlines 747 fell 1,000 feet in turbulence over the Pacific. Now investigators are asking why the crew failed to anticipate the danger.

Home Shopping for War
A government-backed program may be inadvertently releasing thousands of infantry rifles onto the streets.

Seoul Gets a Breather
U.S. and Japanese banks are formulating plans to extend South Korea’s loans, giving that country’s investors much-needed cause for confidence.

Pats Sink Marino and Dolphins
Another "next year" for Dan Marino: Jimmy Johnson's Dolphins flounder in Foxboro, fall to the Patriots. The callow Giants fumble one over to the Vikings. Denver exorcises the ghost of Jags past. And Tampa Bay muffles one co-MVP, Barry Sanders, for their first playoff win in 18 years. Next up for the Bucs: the other co-, Brett Farve.
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Target: Microsoft
Bill Gates is firing back at Justice Department lawyers who want to unbundle Windows 95 and Internet Explorer. TIME Online's special report has everything you need to know about the case.

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