Turbulence Kills Air Passenger

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NARITA, Japan: The NTSB and the FAA have promised to investigate how pilots of a Honolulu-bound 747 were surprised by deadly turbulence over the Pacific Ocean. One woman was killed and as many as 102 people were injured when United Flight 826 plummeted nearly 1,000 feet while dinner was being served, sending unbuckled passengers, crew and food trays careening into overhead compartments and the plane's ceiling. The plane turned back and landed in Japan.

Passengers said seat-belt signs had not been lit when the plane dived. A United spokeswoman said that such "clear-air turbulence" can develop when no storms are visible. However, Japanese news reports said that the plane was flying near an area that a local observatory warned might contain turbulent air. Remarkably, the chaos inside the plane was caught on amateur video.