Day 8 of the Jackal

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PARIS: The latest from the courtroom where Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal, is on trial for the slaying of French security agents:

So the trial's nearly over. How are the Jackal's defense lawyers playing it? They're asking for acquital, on the sophistical grounds that Carlos is under investigation for another four terrorist attacks.

Meaning? "Carlos won't leave jail," said attorney Olivier Maudret. "I don't ask it for Carlos, but for us, for our country, in the name of law and truth."

What are they really talking about? French Intelligence made the whole thing up, said fellow defense man Francois Honnorat.

How long will it take the jury to decide that one? Look for a verdict Tuesday night.

Quote of the Day: "You have defended yourself like a chicken thief and not like a revolutionary," the victims' lawyer Francis Szpiner told Carlos.

What does that mean? Beats me.