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Clinton's Sarajevo Stopover
The President delivered his bad news to the troops in person — they won’t be home any time soon. To head off political criticism, he took along Bob and Liddy Dole — and Chelsea.
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Hong Kong Killer Chicken Flu Strikes!
It's no joke: Scientists are in a flap about a deadly disease that may be passing from poultry to humans.

Army Secrecy Syndrome
The transcript of an Army Ethics Committee debate about a questionable vaccine came to light yesterday. Could we have found the origin of Gulf War Syndrome?

Awaiting a Change of Korea
South Korea's top dissident — and new president — plots his course, including plans for reunification. But the boys on the trading floor aren't too enthusiastic.

Day 7 of the Jackal
Our continuing coverage of the international terrorist trial. Monday: Carlos' lawyers try to halt the trial.

Sugar: Now Much Sweeter Than You
Here comes a sugar rush that's eight thousand times more powerful. And there's no calories.

Hair's the Pill You've Been Waiting For
Get set for folicle frolics as the FDA puts the seal of approval on a new baldness cure. What's the down side?

Lions and Vikings and Bucs, Oh My!
The NFC playoffs will be played on Central time as four teams from that division make the big dance. With dramatic wins, the Vikings and Lions are in, while the Bucs secured their first home playoff game since the days of Leroy Selmon. Complete coverage at CNNSI

The Online Top 10
The TIME Daily stories you clicked on most in 1997, served up again for your enjoyment.

TIME Man of the Year: Andrew Grove
He’s in the chips: Intel’s head honcho scoops TIME’s most prestigious award.

TIME Daily Extra!
Special reports and photo essays.