Day 7 of the Jackal

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PARIS: As the trial of suspected terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez better known as Carlos the Jackal enters its second action-packed week, defense lawyers are battling desperately to stop it coming to a halt altogether. The highlights:

What happened today? Carlos' top attorney, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, asked the judge to allow four unscheduled witnesses to be tracked down and come to the trial.

Wait a minute. I thought Carlos fired his lawyers? True in fact, as he shouted at the judge last week, Ilich doesn't recognize the authority of the entire court. But that doesn't stop Coutant-Peyre fulfilling her legal obligation to act on his behalf.

She's a tough cookie, then? Absolutely. The judge turned down her request, but Coutant-Peyre immediately filed a request to bring in yet more witnesses three French security agents and the author of (another) book on Carlos.

When is it all supposed to end? Tuesday. But the way this trial's gone so far, don't count your chickens.