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Microsoft’s 'Armageddon'
No ruling yet on whether Microsoft's in contempt of court — but it doesn't look too good for Bill Gates. The judge said he could unbundle Windows and Explorer in 90 seconds.
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  • Money Daily's market advice about Microsoft's 'troubles': Never short a god.
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    Asian Woes Send Dow Plunging
    Bad news from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong sparked a strong sell-off in the early hours of trading, but by early afternoon there were signs of Wall Street rallying.

    Opposition Takes Seoul
    Veteran dissident Kim Dae-jung is elected president of South Korea. Will fresh wind save the ailing tiger?

    Media Gets Iraq Access
    Baghdad may have barred U.N. weapons inspectors from its presidential sites, but it offered the foreign media a guided tour Friday.

    Chris Farley: Too Much of Everything
    SNL alum and movie comedian Chris Farley has died in Chicago at age 33. Why?

    FORTUNE Business Report gives you the inside stuff from the day on Wall Street. Thursday: Selloff in Gotham.

    Farewell, Farley
    The Couch Potato Man says goodbye to the funniest fat man anywhere.

    On Top of the Covers
    Our strictly-for-entertainment guide to weekend football

    TIME Man of the Year
    This Saturday afternoon, TIME will publish the identity of the 1997 Man of the Year here.

    TIME Daily Extra!
    Special reports and photo essays.