Farewell, Farley

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The Potato Man was all ready to be merry. But instead Chris Farley is gone. So, On Clarence! On Zuzu! On bags full of mail! Go on without me (till Thursday), for Potato must say farewell to one of the fattest, funniest guy ever to grace screens big and little.

You've either seen the Farley vehicles or you're damn sure you don't want to: Tommy Boy (1995). Black Sheep (1996). Beverly Hills Ninja (1997). Homer Simpson said it best: "Aw, Spade, why'd you leave Farley in charge of the bees?"

But they're funny. He's funny. Never mind the scripts, which vary in quality, or the plots, which hardly vary at all. Chris Farley is three hundred whirling, crashing, sweaty pounds of pure comedy. He's not witty, or wry, or amusing. He's FUNNY.

Loosen up.

For smaller, more concentrated doses, go back to the supporting roles. The Wayne's Worlds were good, the first one quite so. But here's one you may have passed over: Billy Madison (1995). Easily the quirkiest of the Idiot Pack films, (by that I mean the late-model SNL alums) this one's a winner. And Farley, ah, Farley, driving the bus, baring his belly, just yelling . . . That guy was FUNNY.

Farewell, Farley.