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U.S. Success in Bosnia
President Clinton's announcement that U.S. troops would stay on in Bosnia surprised no one. But the real suprise is that with their presence, the Dayton Accords are slowly healing the divided country
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Barking Back at Bill
It's antitrust thrust and parry as Justice fires off another contempt request. But behind the front lines, state A-Gs may be massing on their own.

Chris Farley, Dead At 33
Former SNL and movie comedian Chris Farley has died in Chicago.

Chin Music's Over for Gigante
The Oddfather gets 12 years.

Iraq War of Words Drags On
Their standoff still unresolved, the U.S. and Iraq continue to trade insults. But with little support for military action against Saddam, what further options does Washington have?

The Not-So-Secret Service
A Secret Service agentís confessions to Camelot muckraker Seymour Hersh has prompted the service to try and patch up leaks.

Japanís Short-lived Recovery
Japanís massive tax cut earned a vote of confidence from the Nikkei yesterday, but todayís trading sent it tumbling once again.

Day Four of the Jackal
Our coverage of the Carlos the Jackal terrorist trial continues. Today: Carlos meets an old girlfriend.

FORTUNE Business Report gives you the down and dirty from the day on Wall Street. Wednesday: slow going for Mr. Dow.

TIME Man of the Year
This Saturday afternoon, TIME will publish the identity of the 1997 Man of the Year here.

TIME Daily Extra!
Special reports and photo essays.