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Barking Back at Bill
It's anti-trust thrust and parry as Justice fires off another contempt request. But behind the front lines, state AGs may be massing on their own.
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    Japan Opens the Vault
    Tokyo announces large tax cuts, and the world cheers. But Japan is just beginning to acknowledge its responsibilities.

    Pay Up, Fidel
    A U.S. judge rules that Cuba owes $200 million for the 1996 shootdown of two civilian planes. That's a lot easier that collecting.

    Albright's Pointless Appointment
    Madeleine meets with Netanyahu in Jerusalem--and is expected to demand absolutely nothing.

    Clinton On Race: The Tour
    The President's race board takes the Metro out of D.C. to Fairfax, where everyone is getting along just fine.

    FORTUNE Business Report gives you the down and dirty from the day on Wall Street. Wednesday: slow going for Mr. Dow.

    Militant Mandela Passes Torch
    The outgoing ANC leader tells whites: no more free rides. What's next for South Africa?

    Cartoon Rat Attacks Children
    Red lights flashing from the eyes of a rat in a Japanese animated TV show sent 729 children into epileptic seizures yesterday. Doctors and animators are puzzling over the reasons why.

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