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Microsoft’s Choice
In complying with a judge’s unbundling order, Microsoft is offering PC makers an out-of-date version of Windows 95. DOJ sources say they're violating the spirit of the law. Is a new showdown looming?
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    Mr. and Mrs. Armed Forces?
    The Pentagon calls for separate bunks in basic training. But if men and women can't stay out of trouble there, how will they do when they're all sleeping in the same tent?

    Gulf Crisis: No Way Out?
    Things are looking dismal in Iraq as the Chief Weapons inspector leaves. Is there any end to this standoff?

    The Fed Stands Still
    Reserve chiefs met today to determine the direction of short-term interest rates. Their decision? Do nothing.

    FORTUNE Business Report gives you everything from Wall Street's day, without the little paper slips. Tuesday: Tech stocks rebound, Fed stands pat.

    Day Three of the Jackal
    Jackal trivia galore, from the murder trial in Paris.

    Down With Free Speech!
    A new study finds that Americans believe they believe in free speech, but that they’re ready to silence the voices that make them feel uncomfortable.

    Rice Will Miss Playoffs What does it profit a team to win home field but lose Jerry Rice? The Niners find out after their star receiver cracks a bone in his surgically repaired left knee during the team's 34-17 rout of the Broncos, CNNSI reports.

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