The Price of Celebrity

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LOS ANGELES: Fame is not a condition, it's a disease. So said a contrite Christian Slater on Sunday, meeting the press for the first time since being sentenced last Tuesday to 90 days in jail. Slater pleaded no contest to a battery of misdemeanor counts, including abusing his girlfriend, resisting arrest and being under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

"My mistakes do happen on a grand scale and very public level," he admitted during a media junket for his new movie, "Hard Rain." Commenting on fellow actor Robert Downey Jr., who recently received a six-month sentence for violating parole on his drug conviction, Slater added: "We both suffer from a disease that is like a tornado ... it tells you you don't have a problem, so you spend your life blaming everyone else." The only question is - which '80s Brat Pack star will be hit next?