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Microsoft Gets a Spanking
A district judge has added to Bill Gates’ woes by banning Microsoft from bundling Internet Explorer with Windows 95. Good news for Netscape, but the decision could cost Gates millions.
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    Clinton's Kyoto Caution
    He may have lauded the greenhouse gas treaty as an environmental milestone, but the President knows better than to send it before the Senate without developing nations on board.

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    Not Now, Madeleine
    Albright chides rebel-turned-President Laurent Kabila in Congo. And misses the big picture.

    The Smile of the Jackal
    Smooth, suave Carlos the Jackal is going down. But with a smile.

    FORTUNE Business Report gives you everything from the day on Wall Street — minus the paper slips. Friday: Buffett's back.

    Sun Sets on Britannia
    The Royals shed no public tears for Diana, but the decommissioning of their yacht, Britannia, got Windsor chins quivering.

    Ol' Potato Eyes
    TIME Daily's video guru quits the death watch and bids a happy 82nd to Frank Sinatra.

    On Top of the Covers
    Our pigskin pickers lay out your best gentleman's bets for this weekend's NFL action.

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