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Does Kyoto Matter?
After 11 days of give and take, the world comes up with a treaty that would slash greenhouse gases. Even if it passes the Senate, will it be enough to slow global warming?
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    The Jackal's Day ó in Court
    Carlos the Jackal goes on trial in Paris Friday. Could this international terrorist come to be seen as the anti-James Bond?

    Mr. Adams Goes to Downing Street
    The last time Irish Republicans visited the British Prime Ministerís residence, they lobbed mortar shells from down the street. This time, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams will ring the doorbell.

    Massacre in Rwanda
    After a short respite, the killing resumes: Raid on U.N. refugee camp kills 200.

    Money Daily: Stocks sank again Thursday on renewed fears about corporate earnings; the Dow is down near the recent lows reached during the mini-crash on October 27. How much more damage will follow?

    FORTUNE Business Report gives you everything from the day on Wall Street--minus the paper slips. Thursday: earnings disappointments.

    Food for Thought
    Are billions set to starve in the next century, as a new Johns Hopkins study suggests? Or have we heard this all before?

    Nebraska's Osborne Retires For 25 years Tom Osborne kept a stoic face while patrolling the sidelines at Nebraska. But even he couldn't hold back the tears upon announcing his retirement to his team at a meeting Wednesday.

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