Obama Plays Hard Ball (U.S. Election 2012 / Democratic Convention)

His Postpartisanship never stood a chance. If there's a second term, the president plans a different game

The Interview (U.S. Election 2012 / Democratic Convention)

Barack Obama spoke with TIME's Michael Scherer on Aug. 21


Back to the Future

The Non-Aligned Movement may seem like an anachronism. Here's why it's not



Star Power (India)

Bollywood icon Aamir Khan wants to change India for the better by casting a harsh spotlight on the nation's injustices


The New Shape of Retail (Small Business)

Spanx's fun, stylish shapewear is a runaway hit. What next? While traditional retailers scramble to get online, Spanx is opening its own stores. As other high-end, high-concept fashion brands have discovered, there is no substitute for the touch and feel of brick and mortar


Show and Tel (Travel)

Making the most of exhibitionistic, hedonistic Tel Aviv