The Year in Medicine: From A to Z (Science)

TIME's annual alphabetical roundup of a sampling of those stories gives you an overview of the year behind and a hint of what might be in the one ahead


Why Not Both? (Round 2)

By considering Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, Barack Obama is trying to put together a team of rivals. But that comes with big risk


Rising from The Rubble (China)

Six months after the Sichuan quake, a building frenzy signals a new future. But will survivors be allowed to face the past?

Japan Reaches Out (Japan)

At home its economy is floundering, but overseas its growing soft power is enabling Japan to make new friendships and forge a reputation as a responsible world leader


Trading Up (New Zealand)

John Key makes the shift from inspirational campaigner to leader of a nation ripe for change


The Road Ahead (Diplomacy)

Obama's win has filled Europe with joy, but the old world has its own work to do


Got Wind? (Going Green)

These days, the coolest eco-savvy accessory is a wind turbine for your home


São Paulo Sell Itself (Megacities)

In banning most outdoor advertising, the city reveals its charms and its governability