Call Of the Wild (Campaign '08)

Plucked from obscurity by John McCain, Sarah Palin has scrambled the presidential race. An intimate look at how a frontier mom learned to play the political game


The Battle for Thailand

A political standoff in Bangkok between the government and protesters determined to bring it down threatens the future of Thailand's young democracy


In Search Of Unity

At an emergency summit, Europe's leaders try to deliver a tough response to Russia's invastion of Georgia. But for all the talk, few have the stomach for a serious showdown with Moscow



Bad Boy Makes Good (Profile)

Thanks to an unprecedented auction, the merrily morbid British artist Damien Hirst is about to land the biggest payday in the history of art

Private History (Books)

A new novel conjures the inner life of a familiar First Lady


Flying Without Wings (Aerospace)

In Australia, a revolutionary simulator-based training program is about to produce its first airline pilots


Valley of Tears

As Kashmiris again agitate to separate from India, the nation's leaders in New Delhi have themselves to blame