Unseen Australia

From its vulnerable tropical sea border in the north to the unspoilt wilds of southern Tasmania, TIME explores a country's hidden corners

In Hot Pursuit

Patrolling a tropical ocean maze, Customs sailors hunt for illegal fishermen, drug traffickers and boat people By Tom Dusevic

In a State of Grace

Behind rarely opened doors, a little-known religious community is quietly offering its prayers for us all

Secrets of the Bones

Riversleigh's vast trove of fossils lets scientists see deep into the past - and unearth lessons for the future

Spreading the Word

With Bibles, four-wheel-drives and many cups of tea, two ministers carry the Good News to the remote outback By Michael Fitzgerald

Haunt of Heroes

At Australia's most celebrated arena, the toil of unsung workers makes possible the sporting feats that stir a nation

Time Tunnel

The discovery of rare rock art deep in a forest cave gives its new guardians hope of more finds to come

Lonely Art Club

On a mostly dry salt lake in the western goldfields, a small town finds its fun-park-mirror image

A Raft With a View

On a 10-day journey down the Franklin River, the challenge is holding your nerve and staying warm