Bush and Cheney's Final Days

A TIME investigation reveals the dispute that split George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as they left the White House — and shows why the struggle over their legacy is just beginning


Zimbabwe: Time to Stay Tough (Commentary)

Morgan Tsvangirai wants foreign donors to lift their sanctions against Mugabe and his men. They should not

Q&A with Morgan Tsvangirai (Interview)

He spoke to TIME's Africa bureau chief Alex Perry at the central Harare offices of his party, the Movement for Democratic Change


Nokia Calling (Technology)

The Finnish firm had lost its touch. But it can still rule by selling smart phones in fast-growing markets


Griddler on the Parisian Roof

Sit at one of Paris' hottest tables in a UFO-like installment and eat other-worldly food, take a tour, catch a view and take a culinary workshop