London's Gathering Storm

Fueled by a boom in high finance, the city became an irresistible magnet for money and talent. Now, as the economic crisis hits, a darker era looms


London Falling (Photos)

As financial markets approach meltdown, the City of London — once hailed as the business center of the world — faces uncertain and painful times. Photos for TIME by Tom Stoddart / Getty Reportage


Gloat at Your Peril

The U.S. led the way into the global financial crisis, but it's also likely to emerge from the mess before Europe does




War of the Words

A dictionary's proposed cull of archaisms has language mavens up in arms. Can fubsy be saved?

The Future Is Now

A timely appeal for more internationalism by Chris Patten, Britain's last Governor of Hong Kong

Shades of Gray

A latter-day Boswell explores the strange genius of a singular Scot


Free Port (On Show)

Maritime Yokohama stages its most adventurous Triennale ever

Baby Love (Check In)

Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort in Malaysia does more than take good care of its customers — it rehabilitates baby orangutans on its grounds for release

One Night in Auckland (TIME Traveler)

Going out in the City of Sails? Here's inside advice on doing it right

Grass Roots (Diversions)

Facing sinicization, Inner Mongolians are becoming more aware of their past


Recession Redux (Inbox)

In Defense of Wall Street; A Fight to End Maternal Deaths; Maxed Out on Palin; It's Not Easy Being Green; The Art of the Campaign