Why Africa Is Still Starving (World | Ethiopia)

Despite years of aid from the West, millions of Africans are on the brink of starvation again. Why?

Meles Zenawi Q and A

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi spoke to TIME's Africa bureau chief Alex Perry about Ethiopia's latest food emergency and the value of aid at his offices in Addis Ababa


The Cost of Giving

After billions of dollars in food aid, Africa needs different kinds of development programs


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With the King's blessing, the government is training female preachers to spread a moderate form of Islam. Their mission: to quell extremism and reclaim a central role for Muslim women



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A Frenchman has lured hundreds of thousands to his matchmaking website in the pursuit of love — or fun


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Krug has released the world's most expensive Champagne, and each sip is worth every penny

Voorkamerfest: Home Theater (Curtain Raiser)

In South Africa's Voorkamerfest, Darling townsfolk open up their homes and turn their front rooms into stages for musicians, dancers, actors and poets from around the world


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