Africa's Oil Dreams (Cover | World)

With prices high and the Middle East in turmoil, Africa's reserves are more alluring than ever. Will its burgeoning wealth transform the region — or merely fuel greater corruption, violence and inequality?

Nobody's Puppet (Cover | Interview)

Nigeria's new leader lays out his plans and responds to his critics



Postcard from Calais: Treading Water

The Sangatte refugee camp on the French coast closed four years ago, but hundreds of migrants remain, determined to seek asylum across the English Channel


Star Burst (Architecture)

Called the Crystal, Daniel Libeskind's angular addition to the Royal Ontario Museum is one gem of a building



Rediscovered (On Show)

Poiret's collection is a work of sartorial art

Fully Booked (Favorite Haunt)

Piers Morgan's favorite haunts include Les Editeurs on Paris' Left Bank

Spirited Away (Long Haul)

The Fundu Lagoon resort on the lush island of Pemba offers simple, rustic comforts in tented rooms

Feng Shui for Fliers (Time Traveler)

Is your plane late again? Planet Jupiter might be upsetting the airport's qi


Faith in Romney? (Inbox)

The Power of Billions; The Two Sides of a Wall; What's Missing?; Sizing Up Blair's Legacy