The Alt TIME 100 (Essay)

A list for the rest of us, featuring lots of reality-TV stars, plus Sanjaya's hair


Divided They Stand

As secular Turks protest a presidential nominee whose wife wears a head scarf, a clash over the separation of mosque and state reaches crisis point


Outnumbered (The Moment)

A London trial reveals why some terrorists will always slip through the net



All the World's His Stage

Awash in petro profits, Russia is acting with a swagger and assertiveness that spell trouble for the West. Don't underestimate President Putin's ambitions


Elba Room (Grapevine)

You'll dream of permanent exile on this rustic farm

Get a Kick Out of Cans (The best-ever ... tinned tapas)

A Barcelona bar has raised tinned tapas to a modern art form

It's a Shore Thing (Your Health)

Seaweed is showing up in an increasing variety of products, from skin creams to sports socks

Globetrotting (Time Traveler)

From Spain to East Timor, six great routes for runners