Russia's Bitter Chill (Europe | Russian Chill)

Much has changed in Russia since the end of Soviet rule. But the mysterious death of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, a recently vocal critic of the Kremlin, has raised fears among the country's new dissidents

Dissident Voices (Europe | Russian Chill)

Others who have spoken out against the Moscow line


Uncertain Alliance (Europe | NATO)

Difficulties in Afghanistan make questions about NATO's post-cold war role more urgent than ever


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Fuelled by a new savvy for marketing and brand-building, it's boom time for Europe's top museums. A guide to luring crowds — and cash

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Cellphone services are gearing up for a fight with handset makers — and it's all about Wi-Fi



Tent City (Diversions)

A touring camp replica draws attention to those made homeless by war, disaster or famine

A Long Walk To Justice (Next Time You're In ... Johannesburg)

Johannesburg's new Constitutional Court is an inspiring legacy

Fine Lines (Time Traveler)

Enjoy the comfort of travelling by train on an asia-pacific holiday

Small Sips (Grapevine)

TIME samples some of the best Champagnes from small producers

That Personal Touch (Style Watch)

A selection of customizable household accessories, from malleable vases to Lego-like furniture

Spender Bender (The Cost-Of-Living-It-Up Index)

An over-the-top tour with private jets, lavish suites and limousines, is the ideal Christmas present for those who have everything


Best Faces Forward (Arts | Exhibition)

Two Paris exhibitions show how everybody who was anybody loved to have themselves done in oils