The Passion of the Pope (Special Report | Pope Benedict XVI)

With his blunt talk on Islam, Benedict XVI is altering the debate between the Muslim world and the West


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TIME first spoke with Abdi Salan back in 2003 following a deadly voyage to Europe. Here's what the Somali migrant did next


Running on Empty

Tony Blair wants to make peace in the Middle East; first he must make more sense



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Computer-controlled art is familiar ground for sonic and visual pioneer Brian Eno. Is the rest of the world finally catching up with him?


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Celebrities get a chance for a first hand taste of the inspired Wordsworth life

Dinner Theater (Curtain Raiser)

Paul Newman opens a Connecticut restaurant to warm to

Vintage Estonia (Grapevine)

The Baltic republic's woodland fruits really put the black currant into wine

Rare Art (On Show)

A Madrid museum lifts its "members only" restriction on an élite show