Saving Beauty (Cover | The Lascaux Caves)

They've survived millenniums, but now the cave paintings of Lascaux in southwestern France are at risk from a virulent fungus. While officials battle the problem, the cave remains shut to all but its keepers, its restorers — and Time

The Lessons of Lascaux (Cover | Preservation)

What have the world's other wonders learned about preserving cave art?


Russia Gets Rich (Europe | Russia)

Oil money is firing up the economy and breathing new life into once derelict Soviet-era towns


The London Shuffle (Notebook | Britain)

Following scandals and dire election results, Tony Blair couldn't wait to shuffle his pack. But why was Foreign Secretary Jack Straw discarded?

We Will Rock You (Notebook | Eurovision)

Hold on to your seats. Here comes the 51st annual EuroSong contest. TIME's guide to some of the runners and riders


Loh and Behold (Check In)

Avant-garde murals and imaginative furnishings characterise Singapore's New Majestic Hotel

Identity Parade (Style Watch)

iD magazine commemorates its quarter century with a retrospective exhibition

Summits of Style (Diversions)

The Mavida Balance Hotel and Spa offers esoteric treatments in a minimalist setting

A Starflyer Is Born (Airtime)

A new Japanese airline offers in-flight comfort with an internet connection in every seat

Take a Hike (Time Traveler)

Sensational hiking destinations to restore your sense of wonder


Pump Up The Street Cred (Books | Londonstani)

In his debut novel, a son of multicultural London explores the culture clashes on his home turf