The Best Photos Of The Year (Photos of the Year)

TIME reviews 2005 in images of events — tragic and triumphant, natural and man-made — that are indelibly inscribed in our minds and our memories


The British Disease (Binge Drinking)

Europe's youth are drinking more, starting younger — and doing it to get plastered. For governments, treating the hangover is costly. How can they wean young people off the bottle?

French Exception (Europe / France)

As far as binge drinking goes, it's vive la résistance!

Better Luck Next Year

The E.U. has had a really tough year: the constitution failed and political leaders are dogged by domestic concerns. Will next year be any better?


Jingle Tills (Notebook / Europe)

Economists have to shop around for real news on the European economy this Christmas



Tasteless Fad (Amuse Bouche)

Dieting fans in the know are full of kanten