The Great Call of China (Cover | China Rising)

As the fortunes of China and the U.S. become increasingly linked, will they become friends or foes?


The Commish (Europe | Brussels Summit)

As elected leaders squabble, E.U. trade commissioner Peter Mandelson provides a rare unifying voice


Time to Play Fair (Essay)

What it will take for rich countries to help Africa turn itself around, asks TIME's Simon Robinson



Tightening the Net (Notebook | Spain)

Do recent raids on suspected islamist extremists indicate a wider trend in terror?

Property Bubble (Notebook | Britain)

The classic board game gets a makeover to reflect 70 years of inflation

Reality Check for the E.U. (Notebook | Letters)

Our story on the debate preceding France's referendum on the E.U. constitution drew mail from Europeans who anticipated its defeat. After the vote, we heard from some who celebrated the French non as a triumph of common citizens over arrogant élitists. Others were embarrassed by the result.


Posh Perches (Global Adviser | The Cost-Of-Living-It-Up Index)

Luxury treetop retreats are childhood fantasies for grownups

Corking Good Ideas (Global Adviser | Grapevine)

Bringing a whole new meaning to 'one for the road'

You Go, Grill! (Global Adviser | Food Chain)

Essential reading to get the barbecue underway

Self-Expressionism (Global Adviser | On Show)

Oslo's Munch Museum reopens with a show of the artist's self-portraits

Tech Support (Global Adviser | Tech Watch)

Robot science comes to the aid of the disabled


A Secret History

In a moving memoir, British journalist Ekow Eshun returns to Ghana and discovers some painful truths


Pro Bono (Live 8)

TIME speaks exclusively to Live 8's celebrity