Brussels Burnout (Cover | Europe)

French and Dutch voters derailed the E.U. by rejecting the constitution. But what were they really voting against?


Forget Politics; Let's Party (Middle East | Iran)

A decade ago, Iran's youth were itching for political reform. Today's generation just wants to have fun


Blood on Their Hands (Notebook | Bosnia)

A shocking video clip brings the war in Bosnia home to Serbs

Desperate First Wives (Notebook)

Are comments by Mrs Putin typical of women on the verge of a marital shakedown?

A Deadly Message (Notebook | Lebanon)

A leading Lebanese journalist opposed to Syria's role in his country's history is blown up by a bomb in his car

Declining Fortunes (Notebook | South Africa)

A touted successor to Mbeki is named in a high profile fraud trial

Slightly Out Of Tune (Notebook | Live 8)

The launch of Live 8 draws a surprising number of critics

Town Hall Titans (Notebook | Letters)

Our cover story on Europe's big-city bosses, who are tackling the challenges of contemporary life with vigor and innovation, prompted compliments from some of their constituents. Not surprisingly, a few readers took the opportunity to air their grievances about the mayors who they feel have let them down


Leaves Of Glass (Global Adviser | On Show)

London's Kew Gardens has a new "species" of plant on show

The Heart Of the City (Global Adviser | If You're In ... Krakow)

Krakow's Jewish quarter reclaims its cultural vitality

Energized Bunny (Global Adviser | Tech Watch)

Can a new computer gadget pull the rabbit out of the hat for wi-fi?

Everyone's A High Flier (Global Adviser | At The Airport)

Airline goody bags offer executive passengers some long-haul luxury

After the Flood (Global Adviser | Day Tripper)

After decades of neglect, Italy's Villa Gregoriana is restored to its former glory

One Giant Leap (Global Adviser | Time Traveler)

No-one needs to be frog-marched to this hotel


A Resounding Eco

Italy's Umberto Eco muses upon God, old Europe and his new novel